Gaming company Digitain and Scout

The announcement of a new partnership has recently marked the latest casino and gambling news. The companies based in Armenia and Sweden are becoming partners, and it is not a coincidence!

Announced Partnership Between Digitain and Scout Gaming

The Digitain iGaming Platform (Armenia) and Scout Gaming Group AB (Sweden) have reached a satisfactory agreement, judging both by their official reports and expert commentaries throughout the community. The agreement will be finalized in the following trimester or so.

The Right Partner Choice

As a prominent sports-betting and casino platform supplier, Digitain have had precedence in the selection of a new partner. Their interest is undoubtedly to put the Sweden-based Scout Gaming on the map by making their products available through a well-developed network and by building up their credibility.

Earlier this year, the Scout Gaming Group signed an agreement with Indian partners after a thorough market scan in the domain of fantasy sports. They managed to do this since they cover a large variety of sports — from Premier League to India’s favorite cricket. This deal made a further breakthrough for the Scout Gaming possible. That was enabled through the following opportunity to export its solutions in business-to-business partnerships to operators licensed in the UK. The company even received the “Best DFS Product” award at SBC Awards 2018, which opened the doors for deals with some of the leading providers (e.g., Knockout Gaming) and operators (Dafabet).

Mutual Gain

Andreas Ternström, Chief Executive Officer for Scout Gaming Group AB, highlights the newly granted accessibility of total daily fantasy sports features within an in-house service. Some of these features include providing customers with real-time data.

Suren Khachatryan, Digitain’s Chief Commercial Officer, points out the opportunity for joining their own, in-house developed and managed sportsbook solutions, with Scout Gaming products. These solutions would be involved with online gaming software, due to the recognized capability of the Swedish partner of delivering at a global level.

B2B Breakthrough

The Digitain iGaming Platform and Scout Gaming Group AB are a remarkable example of strategic business-to-business worldwide expansion, with mutual recognition of the parties involved based on detailed research of their respective fields. As partners, they connect different markets across different jurisdictions and add new customer demographics. Way to go!

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