The Atlanta-based delivery company has announced many layoffs at Amazon establishments in West Chester and Euclid. Workers in the two Ohio facilities should be unemployed after October 21. Sixty-four Euclid employees are out of a job as of October 10, and another 64 should be in the same position eleven days later.

In their letter to the Department of Job and Family Services, Inpax Shipping Solutions have stated that 60 drivers in the Euclid facility will lose jobs. Another three dispatchers and a manager are also on the list of affected workers. The company has emphasized that all layoffs are, unfortunately, permanent.

This decision followed the termination of the contract between the Atlanta company and the e-commerce giant, Amazon.

Ohio was not the only part of the country affected by this contract cancellation. Besides the Buckeye State workers, many more drivers in another five states are losing their job. In total, at least 925 employees will need to look for work elsewhere after Amazon ended three of its agreements. These also included contracts with Letter Ride LLC and Sheard-Loman Transport, another two delivery firms.

These terminations are Amazon’s response to an ongoing investigation into recent deaths connected to all three businesses.

In September, several Senators joined forces to demand action from Amazon following certain worrying reports. Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown, as well as Elizabeth Warren and Richard Blumenthal, have written to Jeff Bezos, the chairman of Amazon, requesting an immediate response. The three Senators have urged Bezos to stop all business with the mention contractors, as they violated various labor laws. Brown, Warren, and Blumenthal have demanded of Amazon to protect its workers and ensure safety for all drivers.

As proof of law violations, the Senators have cited reports from The New York Times, BuzzFeed News, and ProPublica. The journalists’ research has led to significant findings regarding dangerous consequences that Amazon’s low standards and poorly managed network have had on their drivers.

This spring, Ohio workers have filed a lawsuit against Inpax, claiming that the company did not pay the drivers minimum wage. The hearing should take place on October 30.

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