There has been an alarming number of deaths caused by drug overdose in one of Ohio counties. According to the official report, ten people have died because of severe drug abuse in Franklin county in the last 26 hours.

This county’s coroner warned about the seriousness of this situation, pressing parents and other family members of drug abusers to always have a dose of Naloxone antidote by their side.

He also reminded that drug addicts should spare some time and test the substance they intend to use on fentanyl, using specially-made testing strips. Namely, fentanyl testing strips are an indispensable weapon in the ongoing battle against overdose-caused deaths. Drug abusers should use these strips to check whether the drug they are going to take contains this dangerous substance at least in traces. There was an alert previously, stating that six people were found dead in under 24 hours. This happened in August this year, and as the coroner stated, all these deaths were caused by fentanyl.

Ohio isn’t the only state struggling with ominous reports on drug abuse increase. There has been an unmarked 200% increase in deaths caused by the opioid drug abuse over the last 19 years, or from the year 2000 to be exact.

For example, there were over 1.5 million Americans who fell in the trap of drug addiction related to the use of opioids. The abusers get hold of these addictive substances using prescribed painkillers. The primary role of legal opioids is to relieve pain, and there is an array of painkillers, including morphine, that you can get prescribed.

On the other hand, heroin belongs to this group of opioid drugs, as well as fentanyl. Fentanyl is an extremely harmful and powerful drug. It is up to a hundred times stronger than morphine and up to fifty times more powerful than heroin. As little as 0.25 milligram would kill a person.

Fentanyl is the most intense opioid you can find in hospitals. But the version of fentanyl that ends up on the streets across America usually comes from Mexico or China.

Franklin County officials devised and presented to the public a three-year drug-battling plan. According to this strategy, everyone who could help and prevent a deadly overdose outcome should do their part. This plan involved “first responders,” people who come to the scene of the tragic event, then medical workers,  police, as well as psychologists. Special attention was directed to drug abusers and their families.

Some other actions found in this plan involved the cooperation between hospitals in an attempt to discover some other pain relievers. This strategy also focused on the measures of prevention of drug abuse among high school students and young adults.

The ambitious project also tackled the issue of ex-prisoners, opioid drug abusers, and their return to society. It suggested that police forces and the court system of Franklin County should work together to take care of those people.

Some other measures and actions in this county strategy included the availability of Naloxone antidote and easier access to this life-saving substance. There were many workshops and lectures that should have brought valuable information on how to recognize OD signs, as well as what to do to prevent the tragic outcome.

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