Hemp Growth

Retailers across Ohio can start selling hemp and CBD products right away since these are now legal in their state.

This Tuesday morning, Ohio’s Governor Mike DeWine has signed into law Senate Bill 57. This event has taken place at the Ohio State Fair.

According to the new law, the Ohio Department of Agriculture may start devising rules for those who wish to cultivate or process hemp.

Additionally, this plant is no longer on the list of controlled substances.

As a consequence of an emergency clause found in the new law, retailers are allowed to start selling CBD and other products derived from hemp right away.

ZuRI CBD Supply Company

ZuRI CBD is a company which has a production facility located in Lorain County. Here, employees work on the production of more than 90 CBD products. The CEO and the president of the company, Scott Raybuck, has said that the company has been making their base products locally. But up until this moment, they had to ship them to consumers outside of Ohio.

Starting now, however, ZuRI can realize orders made by the local retailers. According to Raybuck, the company has been receiving such requests for a while.

The CEO has stated that there might be between 70 and 80 retailers waiting for ZuRI’s products. The estimate does not include any marketing strategies that the company should start implementing soon. Therefore, Raybuck has said, there is a considerable number of retailers whose orders ZuRI CBD will begin fulfilling over the course of the next couple of weeks.

Raybuck claims that the variety of products his company sells is great. ZuRI makes full-spectrum products which can contain trace amounts of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and those which do not contain this substance at all.

According to the law, the levels of THC in hemp have to be below 0.3%.

Raybuck assures that each of their CBD products goes through a rigorous testing process. Before the company buys CBD from their Colorado partner (a certified agricultural department), they provide a sample from a third-party independent lab. This is called the certificate of analysis and, only after ZuRI has approved it, the product gets shipped.

Afterward, Raybuck states, another sample gets sent out to a separate independent lab to make certain that the CBD content is right and that THC levels are under 0.3%.

From there, ZuRI workers make the final product at the facility in Lorain County and send it for batch testing.

Now that such products are legalized in Ohio, Raybuck predicts an expansion. He believes that other industries and companies could and should start doing the same. ZuRI’s CEO concluded by pointing out how the extraction and processing facilities are great opportunities for job creation.

Farmers’ Response

The leading farm group of Ohio has received the bill signing well. If one takes on a farmer’s perspective, they can see how this law opens new possibilities for them. They may start growing alternative crops which are more resilient and a change from the typical corns and soybeans.

The Farm Bureau has stated that industrial hemp can provide another revenue stream and counteract the ongoing decline of commodity prices.

The website of Ohio’s Department of Agriculture affirms that all CBD products will be tested by the department to ensure safety and correct labeling.

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