There was a case of a prison break in the state of Ohio three days ago. Four inmates classified as “extremely dangerous” managed to overpower the guards and escape the Gallia county penitentiary. They used the help of home-crafted weapons, and people from the other side of the fence. They then stole a car from guards which they used in the first phase of their escape according to the official report on this incident.

The report also stated that another escape vehicle waited for these fugitives in the vicinity of the prison. This second vehicle ended up abandoned in Pennsylvania. It took a day of search for the law and enforcement officers to get hold of three out of four prisoners, while the fourth man is still at large.

The whole incident aroused a lot of commotion in Pittsburgh, which resulted in the closing of the shopping mall in this American city for some time. It was believed that one of the fugitives might have been in this area.

Fortunately, no one was seriously injured in this severe incident, and two women guards were recovering at the time the official report was issued. However, this incident caused a new wave of bittered reactions and demands for improved living conditions in this Ohio prison.

This escape is only one in a line of unfortunate incidents that had happened in this county jail recently. It came after the overdose death with a smuggled substance and an inmate suicide case. The mother of the inmate who took his life in prison demanded the sheriff’s opinion on the current conditions in this correction facility.

He commented on these critics by saying he was aware that some things needed to change urgently.

One of the inmates who escaped the prison on this occasion had similar attempts previously this month, as the official records showed. This man was imprisoned in another county jail, but he ended up in Gallia county jail where he waited for the hearing at court.

The officials announced the names of these fugitives listing severe felonies that they committed, including domestic violence, burglary, and assault.

After stating all the facts related to this escape, the sheriff addressed the sensitive issue of this correction facility capacities and living conditions. He pointed out that this county jail with 22 beds settled in the basement of the county courthouse. He added that there were nine guards in charge keeping the order in this Ohio prison, about a hundred miles from Columbus.

He added that they had problems with recruiting new employees because the wages for this demanding and incredibly stressful job are shamefully low, ranging from $11 to $15 per hour.

He concluded by saying that they have little place for improvement, at this moment, due to limited resources. But he expressed determination to search for the long-term solution to these problems.

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