Ohio 2020 Election

Back in 2016, Trump has won the majority of votes in Ohio with an eight-point advantage over Hillary Clinton. As the 2020 election steadily approaches, Democratic candidates are wondering whether or not Ohio can turn blue. According to the latest results, Trump and top Democrats, such as Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren, are equally likely to win the majority in the Buckeye State.

Innovation Ohio has conducted a Public Policy Polling survey, and the numbers do not favor any particular candidate at the moment. According to the results, Joe Biden has a small advantage over Trump (48% compared to 46%). However, the 2% difference is within the poll’s margin of error. When it comes to Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, the Senators are tied at 47%.

Once faced with a generic Democratic candidate, Trump is trailing behind just 1% (48% to 47%). However, the difference is much more significant when independent voters are concerned. In this case, Trump is losing 37% to 51%.

It is left to see how the results will change after the presidential debate this week in Westerville.

Although the latest results might seem to be in their favor, Democrats do not appear too hopeful regarding their results in Ohio. Many have already given up on the Buckeye State and believe that the residents keep distancing themselves from the Democratic party. Obama’s 2008 and 2012 victories seem to have been exceptions that will not repeat in 2020.

It appears that Georgia and Texas might be Democrats’ targets in their efforts to turn a traditionally-red state blue.

Since there are no Senate races in Ohio, some Democrats question how much they should spend on their campaign in this state.

Nonetheless, some pollers believe that Ohio will play a significant role in the upcoming election. As PPP’s Tom Jensen has stated, the results of the survey indicate that Ohio will be a swing-state once again. Jensen added that Trump’s comfortable victory in 2016 was merely an isolated occurrence and that Ohio should be a competitive state in 2020.

When it comes to their views on Trump, Ohioans appear to be divided. About 47% have favorable opinions, while 51% do not. As more and more U.S. residents demand the president’s impeachment, the survey allowed Ohioans to express their thoughts on the subject. The results concluded that 49% support the requests for impeachment, while 47% oppose them.

Independent voters seem to have unfavorable views on Trump, as 54% would not want him to win a second term. Residents of suburban Ohio agree, as 57% completed the survey in the same way.

The poll in question surveyed 776 Ohioans the past week and has a 3.5% margin of error.

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