Medical AssureCare

AssureCare is one of the most innovative medical tech companies in Ohio. They’ve recently announced that they’re ready for further expansion as well. This company houses experts in health management software development. AssureCare’s products allow for reduced expenses in healthcare, as well as a higher degree of quality of care. Their successful business endeavors have fueled further expansion, which was also supported by local government authorities. Consequentially, the tech company will increase its workforce by another 100 job openings at its Cincinnati headquarters.

After careful evaluation and location scouting, AssureCare concluded that Cincinnati had remained the best option when it comes to the available educated talent pool. As a result, they will hire a variety of tech-based employees from the locale.

Dr. Ahmad, the CEO of AssureCare, asserted that his company had done groundbreaking work on patient-oriented software platforms, with world-class quality. He has praised his employees’ efforts to implement tech innovations into the healthcare ecosystem. Furthermore, he expressed satisfaction that they were able to do this from the great city of Cincinnati.

AssureCare was not alone in its efforts to improve the Ohio technology scene. Both JobsOhio and REDI Cincinnati helped the company secure a tax credit from the State of Ohio for the next 9 years at a rate of 2.225%.

Also, the managing director of JobsOhio was not short on kind words himself. Aaron Pitts pointed out that the solutions provided by AssureCare help increase the quality of patient experiences across the board. He thanked the AssureCare team for their efforts in raising the quality of care for patients in the United States and across the world.

Kimm Lauterbach, the president and CEO of REDI Cincinnati, gave her thanks as well. She stated that REDI Cincinnati was happy to assist AssureCare’s Cincinnati expansion. The organization was thrilled to see tech companies utilize the local pool of educated workers.

Lastly, Mayor John Cranley expressed his delight at the prospect of AssureCare hiring more staff in Cincinnati. He called the company’s expansion a testament to Cincinnati’s tech potential, especially within the healthcare software sector. The Cincinnati City Manager, Patrick Duhaney, also assured that the local government would support AssureCare further in any way it can, as part of an ongoing plan to increase jobs in the area. He was happy to see this expansion as one of the signs that the City of Cincinnati was a good place to do business.

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